GE Aviation is piloting Skylight on Glass combined with a WiFi-enabled torque wrench to optimally tighten bolts while performing routine assembly and maintenance tasks. The result is reduced errors at key points in the assembly and overhaul of engines, unlocking millions of dollars in savings both for GE and its customers. Furthermore, the mechanics saw a notable productivity increase while using Skylight, an unanticipated benefit. One senior mechanic, as shown in this pre-pilot side-by-side study was able to shave almost 3 minutes from the routine task — a 16 percent improvement. On average, across all mechanics studied, the efficiency improvements were between 8 - 11% and the Torque In-Sight team believes its mechanics could see even greater efficiencies once the learning curve for use of the devices was mastered by its team members.
GE Aviation I Getting the Torque Just Right with Skylight Could Save Millions